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Expert Team

Thousand Talents Program——HGLASER owns two members of “Thousand Talents Program”

The Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan, short for “Thousand Talents Program”, mainly imports high-level talents from overseas according to the strategic targets of national development. Since 2008, it has imported about 2000 talents for national key innovative projects, subjects, laboratories, central enterprises, state-owned commercial financial institutions and high-tech development zones. Also, it substantively supports the entrepreneurship of strategic scientists and leading talents.

3551 Talents Program——HGLASER owns five members of “3551 Talents Program”

With enterprises as the carrier, high-tech industrialization themed, focusing on the overseas high-level talents, Wuhan municipal committee and municipal government,  introduce and cultivate around 50 leading talents who master international leading technology and lead industry development, 1000 high-level talents who engage in scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation and technology ventures in key industries.

100 Talents Program——HGLASER owns one member of “100 Talents Program”

With high target, high standard and strong support, “100 Talents Program” is a talents introduction and training plan initiated by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994. The original goal of the plan is to import 100 to 200 talents from overseas and cultivate trans-century academic and technology leaders. In 1998, CAS began to put the “Pilot Knowledge Innovation Project” into effect, and the “100 Talents Program” entered fast developing stage. In pursuit of high-tech talents, CAS updated goal from 100 talents to 1000 talents. So far, the “100 Talents Program” has gathered a large number of talents for China's science, thousands of which are introduced from overseas.